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02.11.2020: November Lockdown Support

The announcement on Saturday evening of a second lockdown in the UK is most likely making some of you nervous and apprehensive and we wanted to let you know we are awaiting full guidance on the financial support available. In the meantime, here is what we do know and we will update you as soon as anything further is announced. Once again things are changing daily and so everything is subject to change, we don't want to keep bombarding you with information, just to have it change again the next day.

Job Support Scheme

The JSS has been deferred until 1st December and The Furlough Scheme extended until 30th November.

Furlough Scheme

The extension of this appears to be at the full 80% as it was in August, but employers will need to fund the employers NI and Pension contributions. You can furlough employees who were on payroll and were submitted through an RTI schedule by 30th October so any new hires that are now not able to work can be added to the scheme.

Flexi-Furlough is also available for November, therefore if you need to reduce employees hours but still have them working, you can claim Furlough for the hours not worked.

We will aim to submit Furlough claims for the month before the payment is due to your employees where possible, therefore we will need details of what your employees are working. Any change to their contracted hours, should be discussed and agreed with employees in advance.

Self-Employment Income Support Scheme

No further announcements as yet on whether the Government intend to increase these payments following the lockdown, currently it is a 40% grant of net profits up to £3,750.

Cash Grants

The cash grants are unchanged yet, with all businesses that are required to close being able to claim a grant of £3,000pm. We strongly recommend you checking your local authorities website for details on how to obtain these grants and start any application that might be required.

For those clients that were in Tier 2 before the lockdown, you may be able to claim the smaller value grant for that time as well. We will support with any financial information you require.

Dunnell Accounting

The office will officially be closed from Thursday 5th November to comply with the new rules; however, we are able to work from home so there will be no change in our working hours. There may be a delay in our responses and sending documents over to you as we direct our resources to supporting clients in these tough times. We thank you for your patience and will prioritise work based on deadlines to ensure nothing is missed.

Meetings will be held via Zoom for the time being, Demi will be in contact to arrange this if you have a meeting booked in currently.

The whole team will be up to date with the support available, so we encourage you to reach out to anyone if you require clarification on anything at all.

Very best,

The DA Team x

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